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About Fantasy Fitness

Get to know us

Fantasy Fitness is a private owned facility catering to those who want to achieve their own personal goals. From basic cardio to extreme bodybuilding, we are sure to have everything you need. We have Saunas, 24hr accessible Tanning, a 600sqft fitness posing studio, 9000sqft gym floor with State-of-the-art equipment ranging from free weights to cable machines and weight stacks, a full 50ft Turf Lane with sleds and tires.

Meet The Owner

Emily Collins

It all started in 2019 with my New Year’s resolution. “New year, New me right.” I went online searching for a personal trainer who little did I know would have such a huge impact on my life. Just like any new beginner I had no clue where to even begin but I did just that I jumped in and gave it my all. It didn’t take long before I knew my true calling in life. I went on to later compete in the NPC as a bikini competitor in December of 2020 and the rest is history. I was completely hooked. I jokingly told my husband one evening we should open a gym because at the time I was driving 30 minutes one way at 4am to train and just like that he said lets do it. We now proudly present to you our state-of-the-art Private Family owned and operated 9000sqft 24 hour fitness facility known as Fantasy Fitness. Located right in the heart of Snook, Tx just 15 minutes outside of College Station.

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